Project RandoMuseum

[[ Project RandoMuseum ]]
(SLT) June.24 AM8:00 - July.23 AM8:00
(JPT) June.25 AM0:00 - July.24 PM0:00

[[ Description ]]
"Project Randomuseum" will be held from June 25 through July 24.
This is GACHA event by Japanese creators.
All products is decorated by the frame like museum.
You can buy our products from those picture frame.

Project Randomuseumは、日本人クリエイターによるランダムガチャイベントです。

[[ Blog ]]

[[ Shop ]]
**The Closet** / [Luce.] / tram / tomoto, / KAO / "anuenue.
=random kitten= / BALACLAVA!! / *mikan / COYURA CREATION
BP* / HPMD / =Feather= / bitter vanilla / ISSIGONIS / NINIKO
Atelier AM / ARAI / [pivaaca] / :pesca: / izm. / Love Soul / fore
*devitant girls* / RUDE REBEL / poche / MNK*SHOP / DownDownDown
graph* / booN / *Y's HOUSE* / *chronokit* / = Hal*Hina =
[solita] / couverture / Oyakin / NODe+ / Picnic

[[ Location ]]

[pivaaca] Ethnic Slip-On
(BOX) NO copy, NO modifi, transfer ok
(Contents) copy ok, NO modifi, NO transfer, with resize script
8 Color, Each L$90

[pivaaca] Fisherman Pants (Thai Pants) / Limited Prize for PRM
copy ok, modifi ok, NO transfer


[[ What's Prize? ]]

Half of creators have prepared prize besides gacha items.
Find a picture which decorated with gold frame.

Their normal vender which have gold frame includes lottery card of White or Red.
You can get them in fixed probability.
If you want lottery card, you have to try gacha till you get it.

White card is normal card.
You can exchange prize in the shop of the same creator as the card you have. (Only once.)

Red card is multi card.
You can exchange prize in all shop you like. (Only once.)

Prize machine is put on each creator's main shop.
Please touch gold frame and get LM.

These lottery card is transferable.
Have fun with your friends or lover ;)








3 month has passed since we got big earthquake.
Though lives of people who lives in a stricken area is not yet stable,
we're recovering daily life little by little.

Japan was helped by many country after this earthquake. (Of course, still now!!)
And also, I got a lot of warm messages from foreign friends in Second Life.
I'm deeply grateful to you. Thanks a lot.

Now, we think we must tell you that we're fine.
And we must show you our liveliness.
"Project RandoMuseum" includes the meaning like that,
so this event is held by only japanese creator.

We're looking forward to meet you at RandoMuseum.
Please come to see our work ;)

[pivaaca] Trish Blanco